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  1. Start with the why

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    In this video Simon Sinek argues persuasively that whilst most people lead with the clear things: ‘what’ and ‘how’, but to really make people interested we need to start with the fuzzy inspirational ‘why’.


  2. The Art of Logo Design

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    Watch this short video. We recommend!

    “A logo can’t express everything but it should express the thing that needs to be expressed.”

  3. BMW logo – The Truth

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    Back in the 90s I owned (and wrote off!) a 1975 BMW 2002 spawning an appreciation for the marque. Like many owners I had heard the myth that the logo was a testament to the company’s historic involvement with aircraft engines (a white propellor set against a blue sky). It turns out this is not quite how it came about. Thanks to logodesignlove for posting a myth crushing piece on the history of the BMW logo.

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  4. Finding Your Brand’s “Red Sole”

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    An interesting and useful article by Fast Company which demonstrates how strong brands come from a single point of identification. A history of wearing expensive high heals is helpful but not essential.

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