Maven Design Agency


  1. Girls in Trouble

    Girls in Trouble is an indie-folk song cycle about the complicated lives of women in Torah by award-winning poet, singer, songwriter and violinist Alicia Jo Rabins.

    With this project, Rabins mines the complex and fascinating stories of Biblical women, exploring the hidden places where their lives overlap with her own.

    Maven designed the study guides template and produces the artwork for each issue. Maven also designed and developed the Girls in Trouble website.

  2. Israel 65

    Identity created for 65 years of Israel. This simple ident was used on advertising and brochures to help promote the organised celebrations at Wembley Arena.

  3. E-Tabs

    E-Tabs are a leading data visualisation provider. Initially we were asked to develop some new product marketing materials however, the outcome of our early discussions lead to the design of a new brand.

    Maven identified four core values which their business provides through its products and services: knowledge, speed, simplicity and flexibility. Alongside a new brand, the core values are represented by four animals; owl, cheetah, ant and octopus.

    We have also developed E-Tabs website.

  4. Limmud Books

    Based in the UK and founded 30 years ago, Limmud (the Hebrew word for ‘learning’) is a global leader in innovative, inclusive Jewish education. The widely acclaimed winter Limmud Conference is one of the largest international gatherings of Jewish people. Nearly two and a half thousand people take part in over a thousand sessions over five intense, fun-filled, intellectually challenging and unforgettable days.

    As at every Limmud event, presenters give their time and share their knowledge freely. Limmud events and programmes also include Regional day Limmuds across the UK, a summer festival Limmud Fest, emails, podcasts, a Shabbat book and the Chavruta project.


  5. The London Empowerment Partnership

    Promotion booklet for community evaluators programme produced in conjunction with Micah Gold Associates, London Civic Forum and National Empowerment Partnership.

  6. Regal Homes

    We have produced a range of marketing materials for various residential developments for Regal Homes. The brochures need to be fresh and dynamic in order to attract the right kind of purchaser. Regal were able to sell many of the units off plan with the assistance of the support material.

  7. CA Technologies – Wily

    Maven were approached by CA to help create a Wily giveaway for an EU conference. The result was a tactile cube which has changing faces creating different messages.